BIRMAC Equine Consultant


  1. 1.Nutrition -

    Develop Nutrition and Diet programs to ensure best performance at all times.

  1. 2.Training and Fitness - 

    Devise training regimes for best fitness and performance levels.

  1. 3.Expert Advice on all aspects of horse husbandry -

    Solving and working with conformation difficulties.

  1. 4.Advice -

    Horse property development to ensure a horse friendly environment

    using sustainable farming practices, including:-


Pasture development and maintenance
Budgeting and Costing
Paddock rotation
Sustainable farming practices
Budgeting - for all horse related costs.
Internet and phone enquiries welcome.
And now fully professional teaching and riding lessons for

                    riders of all standards and ages.


                            Please call 0412 118 916 for a booking

                            or email

For further information and advice contact

        Phone        0412 118 986




What BIRMAC can do for you and your horses