Teresse bIRKETT

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Teresse Birkett, BSc, of BIRMAC can help with all your equine needs and more. Coming from a Bachelor Degree of Applied Science specialising in Equines Studies and 15 years administration experience she not only knows her stuff but has the experience and organisational skills to keep her clients organised and on track to their goals. But her knowledge doesn't only go as far as a degree, Teresse was also an accompanying groom to an Olympian in which she attended various World Cup and similar Qualifier events. Teresse was responsible for the health and well being of the horses, ensuring they were always performing at their best both in the ring and during their travel and downtimes.

From Olympic dreams to the race track, Teresse also has expertise in the Thoroughbred industry where she's gained knowledge and experience in sectors such as breeding, yearling care and sales, mares, foaling, stallions, racing and spelling. Between her studies and time as a groom, Teresse also managed to jump into a new sector of work at the Lexington Research and Veterinary Hospital in Kentucky (USA) within the quarantine, post operative and infectious diseases unit.

Not only has she been involved within some major equine industries, she too is a rider and competitor herself. Riding pre-training for "African Queen" running in the 1990 Melbourne Cup as well as being the winner and twice runner-up for the Australian Stock Horse Association Director's Trophy. Teresse has been lucky enough to have gained vital knowledge and information for the husbandry and general care of horses which she is now passing onto people to ensure they too have what it takes to make a healthy and happy horse.